What Are The Meaning Of The Holy Child Jesus And Our Lady Of The Rosary In Dreams!

It's been a year today, now I understand completely the meaning of my dreams. It takes a year for me to write my personal proof that Jesus, Mama Mary, Saint Joseph, All the Angels, and Saints are all along with me side by side in my roller-coaster journey. Learning a lot of things is never too late for me to really understand by heart how faith can see us through. 

I am alive, I am breathing and feeling better by the grace of God with the help of my Oncology Doctor and his miraculous medicines, Nurses' care, My family, and very close friends who sincerely love and supporting me and my family in many ways. I am grateful to my husband, my son, our siblings, my best friends for always finding a cure to help me continue. Wala silang pinang-hihinayangan, at sa lahat ng oras na nakikita nila akong bumubuti ay tunay na ramdam ko ang kasiyahan mula sa kanilang mga puso. 

Let me share something very special to me, ang pakiramdam ko ngayon ay bumalik na ako sa tamang tema ng aking katawan. Parang lahat kaya ko na gawin, pero mayroon talagang problem na need pa talaga ayusin. As in saying, Akala ko lng pala yon! Hehehe 

Lord, God you are our great healer. Umaasa at nagtitiwala po ako sa mga pangako ninyo. Susundin ko lng po ang dapat gawing proseso na kailangan kong daanan. Unlike year ago, mas payapa at mas malawak na ang pang unawa ko ngayon sa bawat hirap at sakripisyo na kailangan kong daanan patungo sa aking kagalingan kasama ang pamilya ko. Dito lamang po ako maghihintay ng payapa at may saya sa puso sa waiting room. In your time, umaasa po ako kung gusto mo na ako pagalingin kahit now ay pwede mo na po gawin. Mama Mary and Saint Joseph, all the angels and saints, please continue praying with me and be with me, side by side. 

Three weeks ago, mayroon akong isang di makakalimutan and sinabi ng aking bossom friend "Besty, lagi kita isinasama sa aking mga dasal. Thy will be done. Mahirap for me na mawala ka, di ko maisip paano kung wala ka. Continue lng tayo ng prayer request natin." Simpleng sincere line of words na alam kong galing sa puso nya is more than enough for me to understand her love for me is true. Sabi ng nanay ko, ang prayer with love, from the heart will come true. I am sure, My God is merciful He will hear my best friend's heart for me. No mountains and valleys that are hard to climb when there is love. Every day I breathe is already a miracle, what more can you think about breathing on your own, standing on your own feet, and can move around. I may say, It is more than a miracle, it is God's graces, a blessing indeed.

Way back then, It's Sunday afternoon, I had a nap and wake up at 5:00PM. I had a dream of the Holy Child Jesus of our Lady of the Rosary. Jesus is wearing a white gown, no ornaments design, just a plain white long gown. He smiled at me and come closer, he didn't say anything. When I wake up, I am fresh and not in pain. Thank you so much father Bong (Mabuting pari, kamag-aral at kaibigan kong taga Italia) for helping me to identify that child Jesus in my dream. 

In a book of dreams, I saw these interpretations. A person in white appearing in the dream. Jesus appearing in your dream (no matter what religion you are) symbolizes a kind heart and pure hope of peace. "Ang ganda, diba" 

I know Madonna and Child, yet I'm not aware that the Lady of the Rosary has an infant or child Jesus. He has short-length golden hair. Wearing a white gown with simple silver piping on his neck and the lower part of his long sleeves. No crown, no raffles on his white long gown, nothing in his hands, and yet, he smiles a lot to me. 

Jesus, Please help me, heal me and continue my life. Mother Mary, and Saint Joseph, please pray for me. Let my healing process be lighter than ever because you are all beside me and my family. Bless me, my husband Tony, our son Andreij and our Laban Tayo Sol team every day. 
What does it mean to dream of seeing young or child Jesus wearing white?
If you see baby Jesus in your dream it represents reflection. In older dream books the dream foretells a new miracle happening soon. Maybe you will experience something you’ve never experienced before. Or you’ll overcome a difficult challenge or complex issue without much effort.

If you dreamed of Jesus, it can indicate that you’re placed in a position where you have to choose between two important things in your life. Therefore, you have an important choice to make that will influence your future. However, no matter what choice you make it will be the correct one. 

Alternatively, the dream reflects God and Jesus as protection figures. Such a dream can indicate that you are reminded that both God and Jesus love and support you in new things. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

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Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am inspired by all your messages. It is God who never fails to love us even we didn't love him that much. In my dream, I find an answer in my heart. I can interpret it in my heart without a word I understand the message. Thank you, Lord, for using my dreams to send me the message. 


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